Thomas R. Grindeland

Senior Engineer, Salem, OR

Thomas R. Grindeland, P.E., D.WRE, is a registered professional engineer with 38 years of experience in water resources and hydraulic engineering with a primary emphasis in hydrology, hydraulics, geomorphology, and sediment transport. He has extensive experience on projects involving the characterization of baseline environmental conditions, delineation of flood hazards, development of management alternatives for fluvial systems, hydrologic and hydraulic engineering design, environmental impact assessment and mitigation, permitting, and litigation support.

Mr. Grindeland’s experience in hydrologic analyses includes determinations of probable maximum floods (PMF), peak flow flood-frequency relationships, flow duration, water supply, water budgets, and water quality. He has prepared numerous flood insurance studies, dam-break flood studies, channel capacity analyses, bridge and channel designs, spillway adequacy evaluations, spillway designs, mud/debris flow hazard delineation, and local drainage plans. He is skilled in the application of 1- and 2-dimensional hydraulic models with experience that includes dozens of studies involving the delineation of flood plains and the evaluation of potential flood hazards, riverine Flood Insurance Studies and the procedures of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

His skills at evaluating the stability of fluvial systems include geomorphic assessments and sediment transport studies along dozens of watercourses throughout the US and abroad including qualitative geomorphic assessments, quantitative engineering geomorphic studies, and mathematical modeling of sediment transport. He has conducted channel aggradation/degradation analyses, channel migration and avulsion potential assessments, hydraulic structure stability evaluations, reservoir sedimentation studies, mud/debris flow hazard delineation, and channel restoration. He has also provided the design of stable channels, and bank and erosion protection on numerous projects.

Mr. Grindeland has conducted numerous projects to characterize watershed resources and develop management plans for sustainable forestry, water supply, water quality protection, erosion/sedimentation control, and enhancement and restoration of fisheries and wildlife habitat. He is experienced in managing inter-disciplinary assessments of environmental impacts and developing workable management plans.

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