Congratulations to the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority for Receiving the ASFPM James Lee Witt Award

Congratulations to the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority for receiving the ASFPM James Lee Witt Award for excellence in local Floodplain Management – a tremendous honor. The James Lee Witt Award recognizes the hard work over the last decade of countless individuals dedicated to improving flood safety and mitigate flood damages in the Chehalis River Basin. In less than 10 years following two epic floods, the Flood Authority’s aggressive multifaceted approach, helped turn a reactive culture to proactive floodplain management. The Authority has implemented improved regulatory standards, developed an innovative flood warning system, supported retrofitting homes with flood vents, facilitated construction of “Farm Pads” to elevate livestock, equipment, and feed. WEST Consultants is proud to be part of this combined effort and we salute our client’s success. Since 2009, WEST Consultants has provided a range of services supporting the Authority’s floodplain management program. WEST designed, implemented, and now manages the Authority’s Chehalis River Basin flood warning system gage network and website ( The system included ten new gage sites and replacements for two critical but aging stream gages used for flood forecasting. In addition, the system combines more than 200 additional sensors from water and weather monitoring systems operated by other agencies in the region.

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