Irrigation & Drainage

WEST engineers are experts in the development of irrigation canal hydraulic models, both steady and unsteady, allowing districts to document capacity constraints and their underlying causes. WEST’s flow measurement services help to improve an irrigation district’s water metering and accounting practices. WEST assists with the development of automatic control systems, including the automation of check gates, pumps, etc., and can provide training and guidance for operators. WEST has developed software for operator training (similar to flight simulators) and for scheduling water operations based on water orders.

WEST’s Irrigation and Drainage services include:

  • Hydraulic Structure Design
  • Canal Automation & Modernization
  • Capacity Studies
  • Demand Scheduling
  • Efficiency Improvement
  • Flow Measurement Facilities
  • Instrumentation
  • Training for SCADA Operators
  • Evaluation of Water Losses
  • WaterSmart Grant Development

Partial Client List

  • Biggs West Gridley Water District, CA
  • Central Arizona Irrigation and Drainage District
  • New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission
  • San Carlos Irrigation and Drainage District, AZ
  • U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
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