WEST Wins $4.9 Million USACE Contract for Hydrologic Engineering Services

WEST is pleased to announce the award of an Indefinite Delivery Architect-Engineer Contract from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Omaha District, for professional hydrologic engineering services within the USACE Northwestern Division. “We are honored that the District has shown its continued confidence in WEST to provide specialized services in support of their mission, especially as relates to the Missouri River and tributaries hydrology, hydraulics, and sedimentation issues” states Martin Teal, Senior Vice President of WEST. USACE selected WEST based on specialized experience and technical competence, qualifications, past performance, capacity to accomplish work, and local knowledge.

The contract has a maximum capacity of $4.9 million over five years and include a range of professional hydrologic engineering services work tasks. For example, tasks under this contract may include:

  • hydrologic computations for planning and design of flood control and channel restoration projects
  • hydrologic design and analysis; river modeling/floodplain analysis of existing baseline conditions and design alternatives
  • floodplain analysis using applicable computer software programs
  • reservoir area-capacity analysis, reservoir aggradation/degradation assessments, deposition patterns, and future sedimentation rate estimates

In addition, USACE may draw on WEST’s expertise in:

  • hydrographic and land surveys using global positioning system or other electronic positioning systems
  • river sediment transport analysis and alluvial geomorphology evaluations including sediment transport modeling, stream bank and streambed erosion assessments, river stage trend analysis, specific gage analysis, and aerial photo analysis
  • hydrologic and hydraulic design of hydraulic structures and project features
  • statistical analysis of stream flow records to develop discharge-frequency relationships, flow duration characteristics and volume-probability relationships for various hydrologic conditions
  • reservoir analysis and operation using numerical models
  • groundwater assessments and trend analysis
  • wind and wave analysis, among other services

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USACE Omaha District Map of Locations for Hydrologic Engineering Services

The USACE Omaha District area of operations includes portions of Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. The contract may be used by other districts in Northwest Division which would also include all or portions of Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Kansas.

For more information on the USACE, Omaha District, visit: https://www.nwo.usace.army.mil/

To learn about WEST’s hydrologic engineering and other services supporting USACE and other local, national, and international initiatives, see: www.westconsultants.com/services/

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