Water Control Manuals for the Corps of Engineers (Nationwide)

WEST has developed or updated water control manuals for over 40 reservoirs and water control structures located throughout the nation. For these updates, WEST develops comprehensive period of record data sets from a variety of sources.  WEST develops all text, tables, and plates for the water control manual updates and has developed Python plotting programs for the development of unique time series plotting formats.  WEST fulfills all necessary GIS components needed for plates such as the Location and Vicinity Map and Sedimentation Range Data.  WEST performs updated computations with additional data that is available from the last update.  Updated computations include flow duration curves and pool elevation probability curves.  Project experience includes water control manuals for numerous Corps’ Districts, including:

New Orleans District:

  • Caernarvon Freshwater Diversion Structure


Seattle District:

  • Wynoochee Dam Project
  • Lake Washington Ship Canal
  • Libby Dam
  • Grand Coulee Dam
  • Hungry Horse Dam
  • Howard Hanson Dam
  • Baker River Project


Omaha District:

  • Bowman-Haley Dam and Reservoir
  • Papillion Creek and Tributaries
  • Keyhole Dam & Reservoir


Northwestern Division:

  • Columbia River Basin


Tulsa District:

  • Webbers Falls
  • Keystone Lake and Dam
  • Waurika Lake
  • Hugo Lake
  • Elk City Lake
  • Canton Dam
  • John Redmond Dam
  • Newt Graham Lock and Dam
  • Birch Dam
  • Pine Creek Dam
  • Fall River Dam


St. Paul:

  • Upper Mississippi River Locks & Dams (Saint Anthony Falls LD, LD 1 – LD 5, LD 5A, LD 7 – LD 10)



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