Floodplain Management Association Recognizes Jeffrey Bradley with Hogg Owen Award

WEST is pleased to recognize the Floodplain Management Association‘s (FMA’s) posthumous bestowal of the 2021 Hogg Owen Award to Dr. Jeffrey B. Bradley, WEST’s founder and former president. Every year, FMA presents the Hogg Owen Award to individuals that have made meritorious achievements benefiting the association.

Over a career spanning more than four decades, Dr. Bradley worked tirelessly to promote effective floodplain management, lead many important flood risk mitigation technical studies, created a successful nationally recognized consulting firm routinely involved in floodplain management, and encouraged membership and active participation among WEST employees in the FMA.

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The Floodplain Management Association (FMA) is the premier organization for floodplain management professionals interested in reducing flood risk and creating sustainable floodplains. Founded in 1990, the association serves as an unbiased forum for legislature, government, industry, and science to advance best practices, technologies, policies, regulations and legal strategies, with a focus on California, Nevada, and Hawaii. For more information on the FMA and the Hogg-Owen Award, visit: https://floodplain.org/

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