Andreas Kammereck Joins WEST as Vice President

WEST is pleased to announce that Andreas Kammereck, PE, has joined WEST as a vice president to manage the Bellevue, Washington, office. Mr. Kammereck brings over 29 years of hydrotechnical engineering experience in hydrology, hydraulics, fluvial geomorphology, and civil design integrated with geotechnical and geological efforts. Mr. Kammereck’s expertise includes program, client, and project leadership and management; risk-based assessment and analysis; planning; engineering; design; specifications; cost estimates; permit support; construction; and emergency response.

Before joining WEST, Mr. Kammereck served for about five years as a river and flood engineer with Whatcom County Public Works, and for more than twenty years as an engineering consultant with Golder Associates. His client and project experience covers hundreds of streams and most of the major rivers in the Pacific Northwest; programs and projects spanning the continental United States and Canada; as well as projects in Australia, Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia, Mexico, and South America.

About becoming part of the WEST leadership team, Mr. Kammereck shared, “I am very excited to join WEST, and completely thrilled to be a part of a team with so much experience and talented folks with a passion for rivers and floodplains!”

Mr. Kammereck comes to WEST with a wealth of project experience, including surface and stormwater engineering; riverine dynamics and channel migration assessments; erosion and scour assessment and mitigation; H&H modeling; fluvial geomorphic assessments; riverine and floodplain-scale planning and hazard assessment; remote stream/river flow monitoring and flood forecasting; fish passage assessment and design, risk-based hydrotechnical assessments at river/stream crossings; steep slope right-of-way restoration and mitigation; landslide mitigation design, geohazard field reconnaissance data collection and assessment; construction engineering owner-representative subject matter expert (SME) support; and other SME and expert testimony support.

Mr. Kammereck is a recognized expert and has published on early flood warning and forecasting, mitigation and design of riverine bed and bank stabilization using standard-of-practice as well as alternative materials and methods, assessment of vertical and horizontal geomorphic processes governing riverine processes and channel migration hazards, managing hydrotechnical risks at river/stream crossings for large linear (pipeline) infrastructure programs, and mitigation of related geohazards on rivers and along linear infrastructure alignments. He is also active in local, national, and international professional associations.

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