Green Infrastructure for Stormwater and Wastewater

WEST Consultants, Inc. routinely offers training courses on a national and international basis to government agencies and private industry organizations, including courses on the implementation of green infrastructure (GI) for efficient stormwater and wastewater management; enhanced energy efficiency; and improved water, soil, and air quality. WEST’s instructors all have extensive application experience with GI projects. WEST can provide the Green Infrastructure for Stormwater and Wastewater class in person or virtually in both our standard 2-day course format as well as customized to meet our clients’ needs.

Participants will learn core green infrastructure concepts and terms, GI benefits and the issues it aims to solve, how the various GI systems treat stormwater, and the importance and function of healthy soil in green infrastructure. Using case studies and drawing on participants’ regional concerns, participants will also gain practical experience for all phases of a GI project, including assessing local water resources, the GI regulatory landscape, and water quality issues to be addressed; site selection, design, and modeling best practices; project construction; implementation of a monitoring program; and project assessment and response planning. Real world examples will be provided to increase comprehension and provide hands-on practice.

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