Streambank Stabilization for Restoration and Flood Control Projects

WEST Consultants, Inc. routinely offers training courses on a national and international basis to government agencies and private industry organizations, including courses on the design and construction of streambank stabilization measures. WEST’s instructors all have extensive application experience with streambank stabilization projects. WEST has provided the Streambank Stabilization for Restoration and Flood Control Projects class in both our standard 3-day course format as well as customizations to meet our client’s needs.

WEST’s hands-on seminar provides practical training in streambank stabilization concepts and design practices. The course focuses on streambank stabilization techniques for both restoration and traditional flood control projects. Traditional “hard” structural-type channel bank stabilization techniques are discussed (using rock riprap, gabions, articulated concrete blocks) as well as redirective techniques. Participants will learn the concepts of channel stability analysis, causes and characteristics of bank scour, how to recognize various types of toe failures, and how to perform assessment of vertical and lateral stability and understand their influence on toe scour. Course participants will also gain knowledge on evaluating various design methods, determining which toe protection method is applicable, and making recommendations for inspection and maintenance. In addition, the influence of channel bends on scour depth and length of protection and a brief discussion of other toe design features are discussed.


“Well presented seminar. Instructors did a good job moving through a wide range of topics. I particularly appreciated them providing current information on various public agencies’ design manuals, design approval criteria, and computer software programs.”
– John Feeney, State of California, West Sacramento, CA

“The instructors have a complete knowledge and wonderful real world experience of the topics.”
– Jared Nelson, JEO Consulting Group, Lincoln, NE

“Tom and Chris did an excellent job of teaching a large amount of information in a short time. The information was very thorough and applicable to any region, easy to follow and well organized.”
– William Murphy, Engineering Services, ScourStop, Prole, IA

“The presentation is appropriate to the topic and conveys the right mix of background and technical approach. I appreciate the real world, practical experience of the instructors.”
– David Dinkuhn, Parametrix, Bremerton, WA

“Overall, the best presentation of bank stabilization methods I have attended in many years”
– Donald Christopher Springer, Salt Lake County Public Works, Salt Lake City, UT

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