HEC-RAS: Basic Hydraulic Modeling for Steady Flow Analysis

As recognized experts in the application of hydraulic computer models, WEST Consultants, Inc. routinely offers training courses on a national and international basis to government agencies and private industry organizations, including courses on the use of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center’s (HEC) River Analysis System (HEC-RAS). WEST’s instructors all have extensive application experience with HEC-RAS. Some have also worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers including the Hydrologic Engineering Center where the model is developed.

WEST has provided the Basic Hydraulic Modeling for Steady Flow Analysis class in both our standard 3-day course format as well as customizations to meet our client’s needs (including half-day to five-day short courses). The training courses have been conducted in both English and Spanish.

WEST’s hands-on seminar and computer workshop provides practical training in basic steady flow modeling. Participants gain intensive experience constructing RAS models, including developing bridge geometry and performing floodplain analyses. Lectures also discuss modeling culverts, modeling techniques, and FEMA floodway encroachment analyses.


“This is a very hands-on course, by allowing us to work projects utilizing the software we were able to really learn the program. The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered many questions.”

– Brooke Caviness, Professional Engineer, City of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

“This was a great course that had a perfect balance between course work and workshops. It was presented by very knowledgeable instructors.”

– Jane Anderson, Environmental Programs Engineer, Spokane county, Spokane, WA

“The instructors did a great job explaining the concepts using real world examples.”

– Adam Baines, Environmental Engineer, Tetra Tech, Seattle, WA

“Ray Walton was an excellent instructor!”

– Richard Johnson, Permit Engineer, Baldwin County Highway Dept., Silverhill, AL

“This was a great introduction to the HEC-RAS program for a beginning user as well as a more advanced user.”

– Amy Jones, Project Engineer, OBEC Consulting Engineers, Lake Oswego, OR
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