HEC-RAS: Advanced Hydraulic Modeling for Unsteady Flow Analysis

As recognized experts in the application of hydraulic computer models, WEST Consultants, Inc. routinely offers training courses on a national and international basis to government agencies and private industry organizations, including courses on the use of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center’s (HEC) River Analysis System (HEC-RAS). WEST’s instructors all have extensive application experience with HEC-RAS. Some have also worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers including the Hydrologic Engineering Center where the model is developed.

WEST has provided the Advanced Hydraulic Modeling for Unsteady Flow Analysis class in both our standard 3-day course format as well as customizations to meet our client’s needs (including half-day to five-day short courses, also taught in combination with Basic Hydraulic Modeling for Steady Flow Analysis). The advanced training courses have been conducted in both English and Spanish.

WEST’s hands-on seminar and computer workshop provides practical training in advanced unsteady flow modeling. Lectures discuss the intricacies of constructing unsteady flow models, and steps and model features to develop a stable and calibrated simulation. Additional presentations provide guidance on modeling inline and lateral structures (e.g. levees), bridges, and storage areas. Detailed intensive workshops related to the lectures provide application experience in using the program.


“This was the best seminar I have ever attended. It was very well organized and the problems covered were what I deal with on a regular basis.”
– Amy Mechling, Water Resource Engineer, Christopher B. Burke Engineering Ltd., Indianapolis, IN

“This seminar took the daunting task of learning HEC-RAS Unsteady Flow and turned it into an interesting and enlightening experience. I feel much more comfortable with the program and am ready to provide this level of analysis to my clients.”
– Terry Barr, Mitchell & Morgan, LLP, College Station, TX

“The seminar was very helpful in understanding not only complex design decisions but also advanced features and options in HEC-RAS.”
– Justin Flickinger, Project Manager, Armortec Erosion Control Solutions, Bowling Green, KY

“This was an excellent course. The instructor was very knowledgeable and presented the materials well. The examples (workshops) were excellent for applying what we learned.”
– Robert Brock Langley, AMEC Geomatrix, Inc., Austin, TX

“The seminar covered a broad range of topics within HEC-RAS for Unsteady Flow. The instructor was very knowledgeable of the subject and made it very easy to understand.”
– Carla Verrando, Civil Associates, Inc., Dallas, TX

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